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Bandwidth thieves steal SeSco’s pics for second month

For the second month in a row, bandwidth thieves stealing images from SeSco have led to the temporary closure of our (free) Photobucket image hosting account.

While this is not Photobucket’s fault, and I can’t complain or hold it responsible of the actions of thieving scum, I still can’t let Photobucket off without criticism.

Although sold on by one of Rupert Murdoch’s tainted acquisitions (I should have bailed as soon as his talons dig into the good old original), it has lost a lot of its original simplicity and usefulness.

As noted when we got booted last month: Flickr anguish matched by Photobucket apathy – and our pics are offline for now « Secret Scotland the service has long since lost its image statistics from its free hosting option. While we were able to identify stolen images a few years ago, and could remove them from the account, ‘new’ Photobucket has deleted stats from free accounts, making it impossible for images which have unusually high traffic to be identified and removed to break the thieves’ link.

So, with no way of identifying the offending pic, we can only wait until the account resets, and the pics return.

This will not happen until the 12th of the month. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy these:

Photobucket suspended

Photobucket suspended

Much as I’d like to say I can fix this soon, that’s not the case.

There are thousands of pics in out Photobucket account, and the problem could be with any one, or more, of them.

Without stats, it’s impossible to find out which have been stolen, so it can/will be months before we hit the right one as we remove all out pics from Photobucket.


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