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Proposed Inquiries into Deaths (Scotland) Bill introduced

Crashed carIt’s been a while since I referred to a Recommendation that Scottish families get access to road death reports.

Briefly, there is currently no guarantee that families get access to such reports, and although rectified, there have been cases of them being charged for such reports, rather than just supplied with them as a matter of procedure. This is done abroad.

A public consultation on a members’ bill which aims to radically overhaul Scotland’s Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) system has now been announced

The MP behind this said the current system for investigating sudden and accidental deaths was “not fit for purpose”.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the consultation on her Inquiries into Deaths (Scotland) Bill, Patricia Ferguson said:

“Unfortunately I have witnessed first-hand the devastation caused to families following the death of a loved one by the woeful system we have in place to carry out a fatal accident inquiry.

“After suffering the trauma and heartache of losing a family member in sudden or unexplained circumstances it surely should not be too much to ask that the process for investigating this death does not cause further agony and grief.

“As my consultation highlights, there are many families who have had to fight the system – sometimes for many years – just to be granted the right for an FAI to be heard.

“I hope that through this consultation, we will create the foundations for a new system which will address these serious issues and provide a mechanism which allows families to understand what happened, why it happened and feel reassured that provisions are being made to prevent it happening again to someone else.”

The consultation will run until November 22, 2013.

The Scottish government said it was committed to bringing forward its own bill to implement the recommendations of Lord Cullen’s Review of the Fatal Accident Inquiry Legislation “within the lifetime of this Parliament“. A spokeswoman said: “Some of these recommendations were addressed to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and have already been implemented, including the establishment of a Scottish Fatalities Investigation Unit.”

Via Scotland Fatal Accident Inquiry overhaul consultation starts

The proposal can be seen here:

Proposed Inquiries into Deaths (Scotland) Bill – Parliamentary Business :  Scottish Parliament



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