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Scotland/Stornoway plans to profit from Climate Change

I’ve been through more than my fair share of battles after being accused of nor believing in, or denying, the existence of Climate Change or AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming). (Anthropogenic – man-made.) That’s because I’ve made no secret that I’m a Climate Change or Global Warming Sceptic.

Unfortunately, one of the tactics used by the genuine deniers, who seem to have some sort of politically motivated agenda, is to include sceptics in their numbers, and further confuse the subject.

I hope I don’t need to define ‘denier’ for you, but that to the deniers I do have clarify ‘sceptic’:

  1. Someone who is undecided as to what is true and enquires after facts.
  2. Someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs and claims presented by others, requiring strong evidence before accepting any belief or claim.

For what it’s worth, in reality I’m no longer a sceptic, as I’ve seen so much tripe come from the denier’s camp as they distort and misrepresent the data now available (and  repeatedly attempt capitalise on mistakes and errors made in early work on the subject, repeating it today as if it was still valid, or had never been publicised) that I see little point in even giving them the time to hear their nonsense.

Deniers will deny the following, of course, but the rest of us who still have a brain cell or two left to rub together like having a look at this, it’s a handy summary:

119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths | PlanetSave

Stornoway Port Authority considers Arctic port hub

Another nail in the denier’s coffin was driven in by Stornoway Port Authority (SPA) last month, when it announced plans to make its harbour a key destination for freighters, which it suggest could be stopping there to refuel:

Chief executive Jane MacIver said new jobs could be created for people living in the Western Isles.

She said: “The vision long-term is for Stornoway to become a European Arctic gateway hub for shipping.

“We are bang in the path of any ship that is coming from China or the Far East across the Arctic.”

Via Stornoway Port Authority in Arctic hub plan

The idea comes after a Russian tanker made the first commercial sailing direct from Norway to Japan via the Arctic Ocean.

The route is normally frozen for most of the year, and although it melts in during the summer and autumn, this is not usually sufficient to allow the passage of large ships.

Of course, if the deniers (NOT the sceptics! – remember the wardens on parade in Dad’s Army) are right, this plan will never come to pass.

Modern Antarctic Convoy

Modern Antarctic Convoy via SXC

Found an interesting pic for this one – wrong end of the World, but then again, for the moment at least, I’m hardly likely to come up with a pic something that is not happening… yet?: Ships positioning to make approach through 70 miles of Antarctic ice to deliver supplies to McMurdo Station, while refueling (sic) tanker is finding a place to sit in the ice.

Well, no refuelling tanker will be needed in the Arctic if the good folk of Stornoway get their way 🙂


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