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Will the Little Chef just become a zombie KFC clone?

Little Chef sad

I’m not sure if there is much point in writing about the Little Chef nowadays, at least not in a Scottish context, since only two branches survived north of the border when it was shaken up some years ago.

But, I happened to like them, as you’ll never find me anywhere near places that thrive on selling cloned burgers packed with toys to get the kids addicted hooked, or sell one cup of coffee for the price of a jar of the stuff.

When it was put up for sale, I threw a few words together:

The sad tale of the Little Chef

Little Chef was back in the news three months after I noted the above, which I wrote shortly after the company was put up for sale in April and the owners had warned about its future.

According to the BBC, the Little Chef restaurant chain (said to have some 1,100 employees) has been sold to a Kuwaiti-owned business (the UK arm of Kout Food Group) for about £15 million.

While that may be good news, I’m left wondering, given my observation that (when I was using their halts regularly) they were a welcome escape from those peddling zombie-burgers, and the Little Chef’s demise was at least in part due to the presence of such dens…

I feat for what will become of what is left of Little Chef, as Kout food Group already runs more than 40 Burger King and KFC outlets in the UK (as well as the Maison Blanc brand).

It’s hard to picture Kout not absorbing the Little Chef sites, and cloning more Burger Kings and churning out their standardised factory fodder.

On the other hand, it would be rather nice if this quote meant what it actually said:

Kout “has exciting plans to revitalise the Little Chef brand,” said Fadwa al-Homaizi, the chairwoman of Kout’s UK arm.

“Little Chef will benefit from a process of brand renewal in keeping with current trends, supported by traditional British values,” she added.

Via Little Chef in £15m Kuwaiti sale


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