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Screwed by Photobucket (bug) – bandwidth thieves take our images offline for third month in a row

Looks as if we have been screwed by Photobucket and their “Free” account.

Two months ago, we exceeded our bandwidth, and our account was frozen for the last few days of our monthly accounting period, but as expected, when we passed the day in the month which marked our account’s monthly period, our account was unfrozen.

This month, we are on the 14th of the month, two days past our ‘anniversary’ of the 12th… and out pictures are have still not been restored.

I’ve checked our account report and usage, and it says we have exceeded our bandwidth, yet the accounting period was barely a day old when I checked.

As I noted last month, although I say “we” exceeded out bandwidth, it would be more accurate to say out account’s bandwidth was exceeded thank to some unidentified bandwidth thieves who have stolen images from our Photobucket account.

Our own use has been a fraction of the allowed amount each month, and always well within the allocation.

We’ve had images stolen in this way before, but since Photobucket no longer allows free account users to see any image statistics, we can no longer identify the images concerned and deny them to the thieves.

Thanks for the “improved” service when you were bought over Photobucket!

I knew I should have started getting out then, as I am sure a Murdoch organisation was involved in the deal.

Again, we can only apologise for something outwith our control.

As noted previously, we have hosted thousands of images over the past years using Photobucket, so there is no “Quick Fix”.

While we have been given the space and bandwidth to do all our own image hosting on our own servers, where we can kill hotlinking and image theft, we can’t move thousands of images there overnight, and it will take years to do, a few at a time.

We can only wait and see of someone at Photobucket gets generous, or wakes up, and turns out images back on.

Until then, get used to seeing a lot more of this instead of the images we spent many hours making available for you:

Photobucket suspended

Photobucket suspended

And here’s how the monthly account reset has failed to be applied, two days after it should have kicked in, and the bandwidth is just growing.

Yes, it is rather odd and alarming that it should be almost 3 Gb past the 10 Gb allowance, and that it did click up from 12.8 Gb to 12.9 Gb while I was looking at it.

Rather suggests a fault to me – maybe ties in with the failed reset?

Photobucket reset fail

Photobucket reset fail


3 days late, but after I had a polite word via their ‘Contact’ option, the pics eventually re-appeared almost 24 hours later.


I have to be fair, and add that I later received an apology from one of the Photobucket techs, so they don’t just ignore you when you squeak, which is nice given the comments some other services get.

He admitted they had suffered a glitch with their bandwidth management, now fixed.

I’m leaving this post in place though, since I do still have an issue I cannot solve, and that is down to Photobucket, since they withdrew the stats option from the free hosting option.


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