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Neeb’s wheels 6

A slightly different Neeb’s wheels observation this time, in fact, no pictures at all.

Since I am going to be somewhat negative, and this really is a neighbour, I don’t want risk upsetting anyone.

Prior to the set of wheels I am actually going to comment on, the relevant driveway was occupied by one of the latest BMW 6 series offerings. While this was nice, it was also very anonymous. Black usually brings out a car and make it sleek, but this one was very plain for some reason I never figured out. I’ve seen others, and they were more eye-catching. But this one just seemed to be missing ‘something’. Don’t read that wrong, it looks very nice, but there’s just something missing.

BMW 6 4 door

Maybe the problem was the body, being a 4-door (which is not a real coupé) or because it wasn’t a convertible.

However, the problem went away, but was to be replaced by something even worse – a white BMW 5GT.

Seriously, I never thought I’d say it, that a BMW was verging on the ugly, but if ever there was one, 5GT would be it.

I’d never seen one in the metal prior to this one arriving recently, but had seen plenty of pics, and followed its release and arrival in China, so I thought I knew the shape, and what to expect.


Usually, iffy car shapes look worse in flat 2D photographs that fail to show of the body lines the designer places to emphasise the shape, but can spring into life when you see them in the metal, and the full 3D effect reveals the intended line as envisaged by the designer.

The 5GT reverses this principle and looks a whole lot better in its pics than it does in person, on the road and physically sitting in front of the observer.

The X5 may be a large shed of a 4×4 or SUV- but it’s an elegant shed that manages to remain pleasing to the eye, and commands ‘presence’.

The 5GT… seriously, just has dreadful proportions, and it’s hard to see why someone would replace a nice 4-door 6 series with one of these lumps.

For once, I’m glad to say I’m not alone in this, as the following review reveals:

I’m not alone, as a review from across the pond summed things up by saying:

Honestly, I can think of few recent cars as reviled as the 5-Series GT. Instead of giving us Americans the vaunted 5-Series Touring wagon, BMW brought us this bloated minivan-hatchback thing. Why do they hate us so much?

Okay, so it’s goofy-looking. But is it all bad? Totally not, says John Davis, even if calls it “lumpy” at one point. This MotorWeek clip (the one above) from a few years ago finds it to be a spacious, well-equipped, solid handling and relatively quick luxury machine.

In essence, it’s a real 5-Series. Just not a pretty one.

Pity they didn’t leave them all in the US, and just left us all the Touring Wagons. I now have to look at the white thing until my neeb’s lease it up (24 or even 36 months), or he gets out of it (hopefully for something better.)


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