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Cats now own Monopoly as well as the Internet

As everyone should now know, the Internet is a series of tubes, and they’re full of cats.

They extended their monopoly this week, and completed their takeover of Monopoly as well.

The actual deal was done back in February, when the Monopoly iron (flatiron) was consigned to the litter box to make way for Monopoly cat, but it’s only from this week that the cat will be in the box for new buyers of the game.

Monopoly cat

Monopoly cat

I’ve never been a Monopoly player, so know little of the game, but I wondered if the pieces had any connection or significance to it, as they appear to be somewhat random.

Turns out my innocent thoughts were correct, and the pieces were indeed just chosen by chance, probably being produced from mould originally intended for another game

Why the Monopoly Player Pieces (Thimble, Top Hat, Etc.) are What They Are

Monopoly tokens

Say “Goodbye iron” (on right) and”Hello cat”

I have to ask…

Is it just me, or does Monopoly cat’s head look more like that of a bear than a cat?

Since the news item I have that announced this change back in February can’t be embedded in this post, I can only offer the following, where the reporter didn’t actually manage to ask the nice lady in the video for her opinion on the change:


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