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The difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’

I thing everyone has probably got a long list of things they want, and those same people will probably have some wise old owl looking over their shoulder, gently reminding they would be better to make a list of things they need.

Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is someone following me, and sticking “HIT ME” signs to the back of my car.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been rear ended by careless drivers over the years, but I there has been one consistent factor on my part – I’ve been the only car waiting for a red light to change at a road junction. In other words, I was, and had been, sitting quietly just minding my own business, as opposed to having come to sudden stop for the amber (which does actually mean stop, but few people take notice of that.)

Those who arrived a little later have just not noticed…

There was the pensioner who thought he could pass me on the left while I was waiting to turn right. The only problem with that idea was that the inside lane was also full of stationary (parked) cars, and his car didn’t fit into the gap between the parked cars and mine.

Then there was the mum on the school run who arrived accompanied by the sound of screeching tyres – “I didn’t see you were stopped – my husband has a garage and will fix your car.” I guess she didn’t think the red light applied to her, and I didn’t accept the offer of a “free fix”.

And the baseball-cap wearing teen in a turbocharged Ford. I actually saw him coming in my rear-view mirror, not looking where he was going as he was too busy staring at and yakking to his passenger. At least I was able to release the brakes before he hit, and lessen the impact.

So, I don’t WANT one of these, I NEED one!

This guy’s good – I’ve seen a few jet trucks at Knockhill, and as impressive as they were when doing their demos, they just weren’t in the same class.

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