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Cat Sale really is genuine and needed

There’s a lot of fun to be found on the Internet concerning cats, and there have been humorous  “Cat Sale” adverts produced on numerous occasions in the past, and it took a moment to realise the one depicted in the ad below actually was genuine and  had a serious purpose.

There’s not much we can do for Friendswood Animal Control since we are in Glasgow, but it does provide us with an opportunity to see how differently things are done in the US compared to here.

The sale has come about because Friendswood Animal Control, unlike most charitable animal rescue centre here, puts down (or as they say over there ‘euthanises’ – or should that be ‘euthanizes’) their excess guests that have failed to find a new ‘Forever Home’ when their accommodation is full, to make space for new arrivals.

Cat Sale

There’s not much to add.

Different countries have different customs.

After all, people in the US think it acceptable and almost normal to abuse cats by having them “de-clawed”, and seem to be under the impression that Brits don’t have indoor cats. I had a long fight in a cat forum a few months back, after an American stated that “fact”, and I dared to correct them by noting many elderly people here have pet cats that never cross the threshold, live in flats (apartments), and have their claws too.

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