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If it's secret, and in Scotland…

City of Adelaide (The Carrick) could (and did) sail from Irvine, September 20, 2013 (18th, 19th CANCELLED due to weather)

Update: Departed, Friday, September 20, 2013.

Underway at lunchtime, around 1:30 pm local time.

Destination: CHATHAM ETA: 2013-09-26

Follow progress here Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions

Just input/select Dutch Pioneer in the ‘Go To Vessel’ box near the top left of the screen.

Revised plan now 11:00am-1:00pm BST on Friday 20 September 2013

UPDATED Thursday 19 SEPT at 5:15pm: Strike Two! Thursday’s attempt was abandoned. The weather prediction was for the wind and swell to decrease, but as the high tide was approaching the wind was strengthening. The tug master had taken the decision to leave two hours ahead of the scheduled time, but the swell and wind were too great even by that earlier time. The forecast is for improving weather tomorrow (Friday) when the next (third) attempt will be made to leave the river. Departure from Irvine is now scheduled for 11:00am-1:00pm BST on Friday 20 September 2013.

Revised plan now 12:00pm-2:00pm BST on Thursday 19 September 2013

UPDATED wednesday 18 SEPT at 11:30am:  Disappointingly, a storm has developed overnight in the Irish Sea of Beaufort wind scale 7-8 (gale force) winds. The barge voyage is very sensitive to such conditions and so the departure has been delayed another 24 hours. If the forecasts in next 12-24 hours show the storm has passed, the departure from Irvine will be 12:00pm-2:00pm BST on Thursday 19 September 2013.

Via Final Departure of World’s Oldest Clipper Ship from Scotland – 19 September 2013

Scottish weather, don’t you love it?

My saying to anyone who asks is “Give it another 10 minutes… something you like will be along soon.” 🙂

Original plan (18th)

There has been little news on the final stage of moving City of Adelaide from Irvine harbour after the remains were successfully loaded onto a barge and floated in the harbour area last week.

This morning, I spotted a news item which informed us as follows:

IT brought thousands of settlers to Australia in the 19th century, now, the world’s oldest surviving clipper ship will itself be brought thousands of kilometres across the sea to a new life in Adelaide.

The only surviving sailing ship to bring migrants from Europe to Australia, the City of Adelaide will depart from Scotland on Wednesday’s high tide, about 9pm (AEST).

It first heads to London for a formal farewell at Greenwich, on the River Thames, where it will moor for several days alongside its sister ship, the world famous Cutty Sark.

It will then travel on top of a large barge after being fixed to a steel cradle designed to protect the fragile timbers of the hull on the journey to Australia and is expected to arrive at Port Adelaide between February and April next year.

Via Clipper begins final voyage to SA | The Australian

Of course, this still depends on the circumstances prevailing at the planned time, and tide, weather, and other circumstances could see this change at any time.

Pic below shows the remains shortly have being transferred to the barge (thank Brian) and if it looks a little top-heavy and maybe not too secure, don’t worry, the Dutch engineers in charge seemed to know what they were doing (I notice a lot of commenters in forums discussing this complimented their work), and a number of steel braces were welded into place around the hull, in order to stabilise it.


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