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Hawick councillor out of touch with reality as GTA V raises town’s profile

It’s a funny old world…

Some people try all sorts of tricks to get free publicity and get associated with products that have world-wide fame, sometimes ending up in court for their efforts (counterfeiters), while others can’t see a good thing when it’s handed to them.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful games ever, and it come from a team based in Scotland.

I’m guessing if you actually wanted to appear in it, you’d have to cough up hard cash to get placement.

See Grand Theft Auto: One of Britain’s finest cultural exports?

Hawick councillor David Paterson needs to remove the proverbial broomstick, after saying that he was “horrified” that Rockstar North would put Hawick into such a violent game.

Appearing to mistake the game for reality, he said:

I am horrified that they have put Hawick in a game like that.

Hawick is a lovely place and to see them do that is ridiculous. I’m totally disgusted.

I’ve never even seen a gun in my life.

Via Grand Theft Auto V: Hawick fury at game inclusion – The Scotsman

Somehow, I think anyone who maintains any sort of contact with reality will be aware that the name is merely a name, and not the model for the setting in the game.

Glasgow managed this, when it was used as various apocalyptic and zombie films setting not so long ago. I doubt visitors to the city expect to meet flesh-eating zombies wandering the streets, or wanting their brains for dinner.

If he wanted to improve Hawick’s image, he’d be better proposing an end to the archaic ‘Common Riding’, a festival for which the town is said to be famous, and dates back hundreds of years and involves groups of horse riders parading through the streets. I’m surprised this party for the wealthy to flaunt their wealth remains popular, although it did cause nationwide controversy in 1996 when a group of women successfully challenged it in court, as there was a ban on females taking part.

With any luck, few will ever hear of him, and the town will see a boost in tourism as fans of the game flock there to see the place behind the name.

Unless he bans such people as “undesirables”.

Just to be crystal clear, I would NOT visit Hawick because of the Common Riding.

I WOULD visit Hawick because of the GTA V connection.

Maybe he’s grumpy because someone said he was portrayed in the trailer, without permission (hint 1:19)…

I have no interest as such, having given up gaming some years ago, when the prices of both the games and the consoles reached silly levels and the various console wars began, and while I might want to, don’t own any GTA versions, or the means to play.

On the other hand – who cares about the places in GTA?

I thought they cared about the cars, and how they were stolen: All The Cars In GTA V And Their Real Life Counterparts




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