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John Barrowman aims for “Obnoxious” award

Rich House

I don’t have much, if any, time for celebrities on the best of days, and consider them generally to be best described as a Waste of Skin.

I can’t quite see the point of John Barrowman’s latest publicity stunt, other than to show him as arrogant and obnoxious, where the multi-millionaire appeals for the common people of Glasgow to recommend somewhere for him to stay.

The media, especially the BBC,  generally likes to describe Glasgow as the both the most violent place in Europe, and as the ‘Sick Man’ due to the levels of deprivation and poor health the city enjoys.

If the media is right, then I can’t see why ‘Lord’ Barrowman would be asking such a population for advice as to his next house. Most of the people can only dream of something that’s only a fraction of what he is asking them to go and find for him. And no mention of a fee or prize for their efforts.

He’s not looking for much, and most people in Glasgow have much better accommodation than he is seeking:

Panto stalwart John 46, already owns property in California, London and Wales, but is keen to splash out on a base within an hours drive of Glasgow, where he was born.

The actor and presenter said: “With whatever filming I’m doing in Scotland, it’s better to have my own house rather than a hotel. It’s nice to have somewhere to have parties by the sea.

“I want a house on the water. If anyone knows of a modern building with at least five bedrooms, we’ll keep it as our Scottish base.

“I know exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been looking at the west coast and I’m not averse to it being on a loch or near a big town for when we want to go to the cinema or eat in restaurants.

“It also needs a two to three car garage because I have 10 cars.

Via Torchwood star John Barrowman wants Record readers to recommend a house by the water for him – Daily Record

He’s so poor, with homes only in California, London, and Wales, wanting only five bedrooms, and owning a mere 10 cars, that no-one in Glasgow would lower themselves to his level even to talk to him, or want such a pauper for their neighbour.

Then again, maybe the Record readers are special, and that is the sort of home and lifestyle they all have, while the rest us are getting ready to freeze gently over the next few months.

Interestingly, Edinburgh is about an hour from Glasgow (using one of your 10 cars from your garage), and there was a story that mentioned ‘celebrities’ published shortly after this one:

Sauna bosses threaten to name high profile clients – Edinburgh Evening News


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