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Thugs on bikes head to court in US after beating driver and threatening family


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Although the media has been happy to refer to the thugs involved in this incident as ‘bikers’, I prefer not to reinforce the misnomer, as the story is really about thugs who happened to be on bikes when they decided to victimise a family that was unfortunate enough to be on the piece of road they had decided was ‘theirs’. It was a gang of thugs out to cause (and were causing) trouble, and they just happened to be on bikes.

I’ve been following this from the moment it hit the news, and been wondering what would happen as the story developed and became ever more involved.

I won’t try to summarise this. There have been many items published regarding the circumstances and they can be referred to for background, some are given in the quote below.

What is more relevant today is the announcement that accused are going to court on charges, and that there does not seem to be any cover-up regarding some of those who were present on the day.

There’s an interesting point raised on liability, where one of the thugs (who claims to have been paralysed, and has hired a famous lawyer to sue the driver who was beaten up) has his ultimate position summed up as being a joke. Well, not really, because this is far from funny, but the anchor avoid comment, while a lawyer explains that the person he should be suing is not the driver, but the person who instigated this attack, as his actions are the  ones that led to his injuries and condition (assuming this supposed victim is not actually feigning his injuries for the purpose of a massive lawsuit.)

Charges have now been issued after last month’s attack on a New York City Range Rover driver. Eleven bikers have been hit with 14 counts for their involvement in the attack, including an undercover cop.

The charges include assault, criminal mischief, and rioting. The 32-year old undercover police officer was one of the people on the scene, and he faces charges of first degree assault, rioting, and coercion charges.

He faces 25 years in prison if convicted.1


Undercover Cop Stood By As Bikers Beat Range Rover Driver

Via: 11 Bikers Charged In Hollywood Stuntz Attack On NYC Range Rover


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