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She really was legless

This is a rather sad pic I grabbed in Glasgow’s Savoy Centre recently, a once thriving indoor market. That poor girl is has just gone to pieces while trying to find someone to buy something from.

The pic needs an apology too, being the first pic grabbed in months with a ‘new’ camera suffering rather too much unfamiliarity. Although set for vibration reduction, other settings allowed a little too much reduction of shutter speed, and defeated that cleverness. That’s what I get for not getting round to using it for months.

It’s ages since I’ve been able to wander into this market, and it was a virtual desert of empty and closed units, with few people milling around. Not much good just before Christmas. A few years ago, this would have stacked with shops and people, often to the extent of having to fight to get to the stall-holder to buy something. Now, it’s as depressing as the Forge Market was found to be a while ago (and unfortunately still is.)

Still, it wasn’t just the market, as I had to remind myself I was wandering around Glasgow city centre with less than a week to go until Christmas Day.

Quiet hardly served to describe it, and deserted would almost have been a more appropriate word. I don’t know if everyone really is shopping (including Christmas shopping) in supermarkets, or if everyone is becoming a practising couch potato, ordering all they want via the Internet, but whatever the reason, it’s not just the local High Street that is suffering a lack of feet falling through the doors of its shops, it the City Centre as well.

Legless Savoy

Going to pieces while waiting for a bargain?


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