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Pony protection

The weather folk weren’t kidding when they said the storms were coming back today, and I was glad I collected some more low light test pics yesterday. There was no way I was heading out in the wind and rain that started during the night, and did not let up come daylight.

We still have some fields nearby, and some horse and pony owners (although I will have to admit to not seeing the attraction – give me a cat any day). The little ponies seem to like my surplus apples, and will be getting this year’s as well. I can’t eat a whole tree’s worth, and they don’t last that long, even stored in the cold and dark.

By the time I got there, it was dark and I could only see one pony in the field.

What was more noticeable was the addition of some padding to the barbed wire that lines the fencing. This corner of the field opens onto the footpath, and it looks as if the residents like to come and stick their heads through the fence – not a good idea given the barbed wire lining. Somebody noticed the problem and has tried to route the wire away from this part of the fence, and wrapped some cloth padding secured with parcel tape around the rest.

Pony protection

As you might have noticed in the background, the pony’s hearing is pretty good, and although I wasn’t making much noise I was noticed, and was hurrying to the fence, presumably looking for a treat.

Next time little pony, next time.

I’ll be past a few more times, as my surplus will fill a few bags, and take a while to drop off in passing.

Pony protection

Biggest surprise was the photography, hand-held and with little or no blur due to camera shake. Slightly odd colours of course, as illumination came from a mixture of street lights, and assorted vehicle headlights. Nothing from the sky, this was night.

Unlike the days of film, where acquired knowledge would have me reach for longer shutter speeds and a tripod, shooting low light digital means forcing the camera to use faster shutter speeds and letting it ramp up the ISO to astronomical levels in order to shoot hand-held. At a guess, these pics had an ISO ten time faster than any film stock I even used in the old days. And the grain in the final result could have been used for sandpaper!

Found another pic that happened to include the pony – although I didn’t notice it at the time.

Although this was jpg rather than RAW (I know I can correct street light yellow fully in RAW), I thought I’d have stab at a combination of automatic and manual manipulation to get rid of the yellow, and aim for something a little cooler and closer to white.

I’m never sure if this works. When I’ve just done it, I find it unconvincing and prefer the original, even if the yellow street lighting gives false colours.

But, when I see the corrected pic weeks or months later (and the original has faded from my memory), I often think “Wish I could get shots like that, without the obligatory yellow!”

Lone Pony


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  1. Hi. Some really excellent photos. The mist in my eyes has dispersed into big drops , on seeing the picture of the wee fox…Dead. Gone, like 2013; and I’m drowning in a flood of memories. The tears are flowing. Maybe it’s cathartic, but it hurts. I do hope it gets better for ALL (and a’ that!); a happy and peaceful 2014 to everybody, and that Man to man, the world ower, Shall brithers be, an’ a’ that!


    Comment by Penny Traition | January 7, 2014

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