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Floodlit tennis in winter – are they mad?

One of the things that never ceases to me amaze is the length to which some people (and I don’t exclude my own moments of insanity) will go to in order to pursue their favourite hobby.

A few years ago, a tennis club that I sometimes wobble past if choose the appropriate route home, had floodlights installed. In my innocence, I assumed this was just to let the worthy members play on into lengthening warm summer evenings. Not so. I soon saw that provided the place was not deep in snow, these hardy folk were happy to play tennis in the long dark evenings of winter – sometimes to be seen there at 9 or even 10 o’clock. The pic below was timed at 8:30 pm in the middle of December. The blue line approximately centre right is a set of Christmas lights hung on a house.

Ever since I first noticed this, I wanted to gather photographic evidence, just to prove I wasn’t seeing things or hallucinating. However, nothing I had would let me grab that pic in passing (since I couldn’t carry a tripod, and there was nothing more substantial than a hedge to lean on, so clamps were out as well.) I tried my best with what I had to hand, but the best was mush.

Thankfully, that changed recently, and although I hadn’t worked out the best settings, I finally managed to get something recognisable and that I wasn’t ashamed of.

Glad I took the chance, as the arrival of wet and (very) windy stormy weather soon curtailed this diversion, so it might be a while before I can go back that way and try for something sharper.

Winter tennis night


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