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The weather’s rotten – here’s a nice pic from before it went downhill

The past few winters have been notable cold and snowy. So far, this year has been wet and windy.

The one saving grace is that at +6°C or so for much of the time, that a whole 10°C better than last year. That said, at least a decent walk could be had then – this year, while I’ve been lucky a few times, more often than not I have to dry everything out if the rain starts while I’m out, and the wind drives the rain in all the way down to my undies!

I’ve got some pics that look a bit more Christmassy than soggy, so might dip into them.

The first one was sheer luck in getting the exposure and focus spot on, it makes the second look poor, but it’s not that bad, really, since there was horrible low pressure sodium street light flooding the scene with yellow vomit. I quickly learned that this cannot be removed, only converted to B&W, since the yellow sodium light is monochromatic, there are simply no further colours to be recovered.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights


This shot was the first I grabbed hand-held (I don’t carry a tripod in my back pocket) without even setting the camera up. I never use the ‘Auto’ setting, which seems to be obligatory these days. The reason for avoiding this setting is that on all but one camera I have used recently, selecting ‘Auto’ also activates compulsory flash support, and I really don’t like bare flash, even a good one – it’s always obvious. I’ve played about with this since I last used it (in the Forum) and lifted the building façade out of the shadows. It’s sometimes surprising how much detail can be recovered.

Christmas Glasgow

I’m currently being left with one low light pic problem I haven’t quite found the cure for – focus.

While the pics above are sharp enough, I’m finding others may be reasonably exposed, but are poorly focussed. This, despite the camera’s autofocus being quite happy (even when repeated many times), and manual focus being hard to achieve by eye in low light.


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