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Wet and soggy less fun than cold and dry

The past few years have delivered fairly cold and frozen Christmases, but this year has seen more wind and rain than anything else.

Over the past day or two this has changes to fairly heavy and constant rain, rather than showers, and also an easing  of the wind. When it finally let up (and I was able to wobble out to shops with no fear of being soaked through), I noticed that there had been so much rain in a short period that it was not able to run off and drain naturally. All the gardens seemed to have flooded around their borders, street drains were hidden away under puddles and small lakes, and bare earth had turned into mud flats and settling pools.

I had thought I might wander down to the River Clyde, but having been there in less soggy conditions than this, will probably not try this – for a few days at least, provided the rain relaxes.

There’s a small park in the middle of Baillieston, and when I looked across it tonight, saw it was also ‘wet and soggy’.

Another chance for a low light pic (hand-held) and with the bonus of some reflections to show that it was still rather wet.

Baillieston Park Flood Night


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