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A dead fox brings 2013 to a symbolic end

It’s funny how coincidences seem to follow me, as I’ve mention a few times in here and in the Forum.

Symbolically, it was a very odd coincidence that my last wander of 2013 should find me coming across a dead fox, and that this should happen in Baillieston, as both proved to be problematic during the year.

The dead fox was just as inexplicable and puzzling as the earlier problems, as it had no visible evidence of injury or bleeding, and looked as if it had literally just dropped dead on the spot. It didn’t even have the eye or tongue signals I’ve found in the past. It could almost have been asleep, but the for fact that you’re rather unlikely to find a fox asleep in street.

Being hit by a car, or being shot, usually leaves some sort of sign, but this one was pristine, and would have possibly been a handy find for a taxidermist, with no ‘repairs’ needed.

The only similar find was near Uddingston a few years ago, a badger, but it had clearly had an argument with something bigger and faster. There was a ‘problem’ with this one though… a little kid on a bike, intent on letting me know what he’d found and following me down the road with “Mister, mister, come and look at this dead badge, come and look!” Patting him on the head and adding “Yes, seen it pal, thanks a lot, kthksbai” didn’t do much to get rid of him – until we got too far away from it, then he finally went away to find another ‘victim’ to show his find to.

Goodbye and good riddance to 2013.

Here’s to 2014 and a fresh start. I might post some plans and intentions for the year, then again I might not, as they like to come back and bite.

Dead Baillieston Fox


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