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Christmas 2013 aftermath

With the wet and soggy weather prevailing, I haven’t been out much, so the chances of finding any casualties of Christmas (once treasured possessions demoted to the bin) have been low. However, I did come across a few, before the bin men tidied up. There might have been more, but this year has seen the people become very tidy, and rather than discarding things around their wheelie bins, seem to have packed everything neatly into them, in black plastic bags – and I’m not going bin-diving!

The first thing I came across was a once cute pair of brass table lights (I think) with petal fitting. They almost looked salvageable until I looked closer, and found that everything was loose, and anything breakable was broken or cracked, including the small (expensive to replace) bulbs it utilised.

Christmas Casualty

Second up was more like what I was on the lookout for, and was a pile of old toys, bagged and discarded at the roadside. There wasn’t anything interesting, and I didn’t want to linger too long getting the pic. I almost let the flash kick in, then noticed a bunch of kids come out of a nearby shop. Attention was not something I like to attract in this particular spot, as it’s usually followed by the kids propositioning you if you look old enough to buy cigarettes and/or alcohol for them. The second pic is pretty poor (originally monochrome sodium yellow), but running it through a B&W filter helped, a little.

Christmas Casualty

So, slim pickings this year. Maybe something better will turn up if the wind and rain gives me a break, and I can cover a few more miles.


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