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A very wet and very soggy New Year’s Day

Unlike recent past years, January 1, 2014, was dull and, to begin with at least, dry inasmuch as it was not raining. Things were still soggy though.

This lulled me into a fall sense of security, and I headed off towards Daldowie Crematorium for what has become something of a habit on this day, for obvious reasons.

On the way there, it was clear that the road had earlier been flooded. Part of it was coned off, and when I got closer, although the damage didn’t look severe, I saw why oncoming cars has all been slowing down while driving around the widest part of the flood.

Road flood 1

Road flood 2

Looking the other way.

Road Flood 3

Having avoided a bath from vehicles hurrying through the puddle to the right, I carried on to Daldowie. There’s a ‘pond’ at the side of entry road which they’ve almost managed to drain, but is too close to the water table for this to last, and its back. No reason to try to walk down there, but a little way to the left of the road is access to the river (Clyde) and some historic remains, which I wouldn’t try to reach unless it was summer, and a lot drier.

Daldowie flood

Out of curiosity, I carried on past the crematorium itself, and the gardens, on to the banks of the river.

Surprisingly, it was possible to get there without too much difficulty, but I made the mistake of carrying on past the ‘easy’ bit for a look at the lower lying area. The river had broken its banks there, and the ground was covered with silt and rubbish (branches, pieces of tree, reeds, grass etc) washed onto the land. While it had solidified, walking on it without wellies was a ‘bad idea’, and I ended up covered in muck. But I needn’t have worried, as I was soon to be cleaned up!

As I turned to leave, it started to rain… and this slowly just got heavier and heavier as I walked home…

Road flood 4

Although it was still draining at this point, the water was flowing freely across the road, and being added to by a small river coming down the hill from the road on the right.

Although muggins had to time his dash past this puddle (to avoid a shower from passing traffic), it was a largely futile gesture. I was already wringing wet from the waist down, soaked through and with shoes full of water. The only good point was that I don’t like fabric jackets. Even those sold as ‘waterproof’ aren’t really, so my genuinely waterproof jacket did its job and kept my upper half dry.

I’ve come home pretty wet before, but this was the first time I made puddles, and had to throw most of what I was wearing into the washer, to spin and tumble dry.


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