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Blue reindeer in St Enoch

Coincidences – can’t keep away from them.

The last few post show I’m currently enjoying a return to low-light photography, something I’ve finally got digital kit which can do it without producing images that look like baby’s fingerprinting. The most interesting part of this is that unlike film, which could only do this trick with long exposures, and could produce random result due to problems with different colour stock, big image sensors have nailed this. And I also learned that the long exposure was not the only way to get good pics under these conditions.

The coincidence?

Well, reading some media predictions for 2014 suggest that this will be the year when camera makers stop their silly megapixel wars, and start to produce sensors that work better in low light. This lunacy has people drooling over 41 MP phone cameras, forgetting that their lenses barely resolve a quarter of that, or less. And now we have the police suggesting that they will be identifying criminals by zooming into reflections of their faces, as found on the surface of eyeballs caught in such pics.

I have news for the tired and worn-out hack that thought this was worth a cheque from their editor – they’re about a year (much more if you could afford full frame pro dSLR even before that) behind the times, and should be fired, not rewarded. Had I been able to afford the price of a small car to buy such a dSLR a year or two ago, I would have been tempted.

Another experiment, from Glasgow’s St Enoch shopping centre. Looking at the date I have for this pic, it doesn’t really qualify as low light, but it looks as if it should, so it’s in. There was a white reindeer along the gallery, but no clear view, courtesy of various vendor’s displays.

I’m always dubious about pulling out a semi-pro looking camera in such places nowadays (cameras in phones can be used with impunity, even when supposedly banned). While I used to visit the Metro Centre (Gateshead) and found photographers welcomed and encouraged (they even had their own stall selling disposable cameras to day visitors), I’ve never quite got over the time I was almost, but  not quite, thrown out of Princes Square shopping centre by two very large security suits for taking pics, after a brief “Third Degree”.

I’ve never gone back, and never will, but having looked at the list of tat shops it contains, it’s not a place that I’d ever go into anyway, so it’s a futile gesture – but I can still give it a bad review.

Blue Reindeer


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