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Christmas at Glasgow Fort

When I took a wander along to Glasgow Fort a few months ago, one of things I had wondered about was how it fared during the winter. Unlike this year, which has been wet and windy, previous years have been snowy and frozen, which might have made it a bit harder for me to walk along there, but I got lucky a few days ago, when the wind dropped and the rain stopped.

Even with Christmas lights installed, I still find it to be a dull place, with few shops of any real value. Too many ‘names’ that ‘kewl’ people like to spend ridiculous amounts money for, just to have the right logo on show.

One odd thing I noticed was the high sign rising from the midst of the shops. This has no lighting to advertise or draw attention to the centre.

The Christmas decorations weren’t particularly inspiring, but at least provides an opportunity to learn a little more low-light hand-held photography.

It’s intriguing to see the effects that can be drawn out in post-processing, and in this case I’ve tended toward raising the level to look closer to day time than night time pics. This was simply because leaving them as night pics tended to look like failed shots with  no detail, but it’s nice to have the choice, and still have the black sky.


Depressing view of Chisholm Hunter. The ceramic watch I have had an eye on has gone from £770 to £1,440 in the short time I have a taken a liking to it.


The big LED clusters were kind of nice…



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