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St Paul’s nativity in the dark

I should probably have made this St Paul’s nativity in the dark, and the wind, and rain!

I forgot about this because the weather had been so bad as I walked home. The wind and rain (horizontal) were so bad I almost didn’t try for the pic, but wasn’t likely to be there again for a while. As it was, I had to hide myself behind the bus shelter at the church, which kept the rain off the camera, and meant I had half a chance of holding the camera reasonably still in the gale that was blowing at the time.

Probably the last Christmas pic for the year, but not the last low-light.

Never managed this in the days of film, and even this one was more luck than judgement, as it was taken before I had learned the right way to set thing up for a hand-held grab shot in the dark. This shot should have been ruined by camera shake, but somehow managed to beat it – although I have to admit there were one or two that got thrown in the bin.

Nativity St Paul

Nativity at St Paul


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  1. Hi Apollo. Love the photos. Are you an East-ender then? I noticed a few of your photos are in that area.


    Comment by shimidelica | January 9, 2014

  2. That would probably be reasonably accurate.


    Comment by Apollo | January 10, 2014

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