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Charing Cross at night

Not particularly interesting, but having seen so many pics taken from the walkways over Charing Cross, I had to have some of my own, since I was passing over and carrying a camera that would do it.

The only problem was that this was before I had done any trials to find out the sort of setting that worked, so this was going to be largely reliant on the camera’s brain rather than mine.

As it was, most went in the bin, and I found that I still had more successes than outright failures, mainly due to having been told how to set up the camera to take over all setting if a shot was being shot at a silly ISO or crazy slow shutter speed, but this also means that attempts to produce light trails are seriously defeated, as the camera looks after things, even when set to ‘Manual’.

Now I know how Tiff Needell feels when complaining about certain traction-control system that don’t turn off, even when ‘turned off’.

The first one stayed because of the Mitchell Library.

Charing Cross Night 1

This one survived the cut thanks to the ambulance that drove through the scene.

Charing Cross Night 2

The last one was just amusing, with the semi-circle of cars caught waiting in the centre – I always hated getting stuck there if it was busy.

Charing Cross Night 3


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