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Hamilton Road house wreck surprise

Got something of a surprise when I ended up passing a house that I had not realised the state of. Arriving from a different direction, I glanced down a track that passes alongside, and found a completely different view from ‘usual’. Despite passing many times, I never realised the condition of the part I couldn’t see.

The house was up for sale a while ago (as in a year ago), then the notice disappeared and a new fence appeared. I didn’t think anything more of it.

However, it looks as if the changes came after it failed to sell.

While the top seems to look pretty much OK over the top of the fence when passing, I was fairly shocked to see that it had been trashed and apparently vandalised below the visible area.

Tiles have been ripped of a significant area of the roof, meaning water will be leaking inside and causing damage. Looking at the windows and doors, these have been boarded up and sealed, so nobody’s getting in – legitimately.

I didn’t wander around the back, it’s probably worse as it’s out of sight. But, with my luck, I’d end being accosted by the neighbours as a vandal, rather than an interested visitor. And, I had already just been subject to a torrent of abuse from some yobs/louts hanging out of the top windows of the flats across from The Mailcoach, apparently just for walking below them. At least they didn’t throw anything at me – other than words.

Hamilton Rd Housewreck


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