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If it’s stopped, it’s parked V

Good job it wasn’t wet’n’windy or I’d have had my head down and been straight into this one, abandoned completely on the pavement. Even so, it was a close thing as I generally walk home on autopilot.

I say ‘abandoned’ deliberately because having consulted various responses from the police, some categorically state that parking on the pavement is an offence, while others refer to the act of driving over the footpath as being the offence. If they can’t agree, then I can’t do any better.

Unless I maybe take the time to dig up the relevant acts for myself… maybe one day.

What would be more interesting would be to think about those double yellow lines, which make parking at any time an offence.

While it would be easy to say that provided any part of the car was standing on the road (as opposed to the pavement) means the driver has committed an offence, does this still apply when no part of the vehicle is on the road itself, or even touching it.

Does the footpath or pavement count as part of the road?

Does the general application of road legislation for a distance of 15 feet to either side of a public road come into play in this sort of case, so the offence of parking on double yellow lines can not be circumvented by parking a fraction to one side of them?

Not sure which law applies the 15 foot extension, or if it has been modified in recent years, another thing I should check. But I know there have been changes, which now allow the police to act when dangerous driving is carried out on private land just off the road, or in places such as supermarket car parks, where ‘boy races’ think they can drift and do burnouts without worrying about road laws. Previously, the hooligan element was able to avoid the law simply by getting off the road, so the law was changed.

Shettleston Peugot parking

Almost, but not quite, fallen over one night


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