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Damned Weeds!

In recent years, I’ve walked along Hamilton Road around this time of year (January 15) and looked in pity at many plants that have thrown out early buds, only to have them frozen solid in the rather chilly weather we had then.

It’s much milder this year, and we’ve had barely a handful of nights that even had frost that survived until morning.

The damned weeds have noticed, and are already taking advantage, and even flowering…

As confirmed by the flash of yellow that caught my eye as I paddled (yes, the rain has started again) along the road today. A dandelion with two flowers on the way.

Almost tempted to reach for the weed-killer at home and get a head start on these nuisance, but I am now such an ‘expert’ gardener I know this is a waste of time, as it would have no effect at this stage in their growth cycle. Having tried it, I know there’s little or no point in attacking them with chemicals between September and May – they just laugh it off.




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