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Bute car sticker spotted

Waddling around George Square at Christmas, I was a little surprised to come across a car displaying one of the old Bute is Beautiful car stickers.

Carrying the phrase Scotland’s Unexplored Isle tells me this is not new, although my sieve of a memory means I can’t make a decent stab at how long ago these were ‘current’, but I think 10 years would not be too far out. I’m sure these phrases were floating around in the years close to 2004, or earlier. Somebody with a better memory might be more accurate.

Note also the Concorde sticker – the driver is someone who appreciates fine things.

Bute car sticker


January 17, 2014 - Posted by | photography | ,


  1. My 03 Ford Galaxy still carries a rather battered Bute is Beautiful sticker which I can confidently confirm was acquired in May 2004 during my Golden Jubilee visit to Bute (first visit was as a 4 year old in 1954). Have a Diamond Jubilee visit arranged for July this year!!


    Comment by Roy Massingale | January 30, 2014

  2. Thanks for the note – so my guess about the date wasn’t far out.

    Give the place a wave for me – circumstances have curtailed my once annual exodus.

    You’re decades ahead of me and doing better! Best of luck.


    Comment by Apollo | February 2, 2014

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