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Crematorium boob

I know some people can’t get their heads around any sort of humour related to graveyards or crematoria, if that’s you, please just look away and/or stop reading now.

As I squelched around a local crematorium’s grounds during an annual pilgrimage, and felt the endless torrent of rain soak through to my skin and fill my shoes (I kid you not), I had to stop and make a double-take at one spot.

I thought somebody was having a deliberate laugh with the vases, but on closer inspection, noted that this was most definitely NOT the case, and it was merely an unfortunate juxtaposition of a particular vase design.

I’m slightly amazed that this pic actually came out and is so sharp and detailed (note the interesting person reflected in the vases). I let the camera have control and it pushed the maximum ISO, aperture, and a surprisingly fast shutter speed, yet I see no noticeable or objectionable shake/vibration, or noise/grain.

(All personal details and the location have been edited to anonymise the original.)

Crematorium vase boob




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