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People’s Palace fire alert almost ended visit before it started

I don’t gamble.

Not that I would if I could, there’s just something that stops me handing money over to someone on the (small) chance of getting it, or more, back. Even buying a lottery ticket guarantees exchanging £1 (or now £2) for a piece of paper, and a many million to one chance of much else for than a few.

The real reason is my endless bad luck, evidenced by nothing more than what happens when I buy something off the shelf. Either quality control is very very bad today, or I generally find the broken product. Most recently, I picked a little solar toy out of a bucket of the same in GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art). Took it home, sat it in the Sun, and… NOTHING!

Long story short, found that a hair-thin wire inside had been snapped as the thing was assembled.

I could give you a list of similar purchases, which were worth the trip back to shop to get a replacement. In this case, the cost of returning was more than the item, but at least it was the sort of thing I could fix myself.

Around the same time, circumstances landed me close enough to the People’s Palace on Glasgow Green to make a visit there possible with only a slight detour to my walk.


As usual, even this chance visit was almost screwed, as the blue lights I had seen flashing in the distance turned out to belong to full complement of fire service vehicle masses at the building. By the time I arrived at the door, only two were left, and a question to the staff milling around on the steps was at least returned with a cheery “Yes, it’s OK, we are open.”

Close call.

Even so, when I got inside I found the Winter Gardens had been closed courtesy of the recent storms. A number of glass panes in the giant greenhouse had been loosened, some had fallen, so the gardens were closed until the rood was checked and made safe.

The fire alert remained a mystery, and apparently a false alarm or sensor failure that had triggered an automatic alarm and call-out.

A fair portion was closed off too, with much of the top floor in darkness when I eventually found that one of the two stairways that leads up there was not taped off.

On a positive note – it was nice and quite with no screaming babies, infants that run by slapping/banging the soles of their shoes flat on the wooden floor, and no herds of school-kids milling around and crowding the displays while they try to fill in worksheets.

Peoples Palace fire alert

Peoples Palace fire alert


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