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Project Yuk – 2013

Project Yuk

After the success of the original Project Yuk in 2012, this was carried on into 2013.

It’s hardly as if it takes any effort, since the place has to be vacuumed to keep it kind of tidy, and the biggest advantage – being able to go look for anything small that’s been lost on the floor – continues to be an ongoing benefit. Now, it just seems silly to empty the bagless container straight into the bin, knowing that there’s a chance something I might want/need to find in the near future might be in there, and I would be throwing it out.

No real changes to the plan during 2013, although after the first diligent year where the job was done daily, if possible, the frequency was dropped to reduce this to merely being as often as possible. Apart from reducing the workload and time spent, this notably reduced the cost of this game, as the vacuum’s power demand is over 1 kW, and a thorough job could take 20 to 30 minutes. I’ve got this down to about 15 minutes total, including fetching and tidying the vacuum, so that’s less than 2 minutes per room.

Unexpected cable problem

I found an interesting problem arose during the year.

Rather than plug and unplug the vacuum, and allow the cable to recoil into its housing inside the body, I had taken to leaving it plugged in, and just tidying the cable away.

Turns out this is a BAD IDEA!

Over time, you tend to favour turning left or right as you work, and after a few months I realised that as had been working, the cable had become twisted in one direction due to the net effect of the daily favoured turns as I worked.

It took weeks of leaving the cable free and extended to let it relax and lose the twist that had become locked into it due to this bias. Most has now gone, but I will have to repeat this process once the warm weather returns, to get rid of it all.

Moral of the story? Simple… always unplug the cable to let it relax to get rid of the slight bias that will exist after dragging the cleaner around.

The results for 2013

The total amount of ‘stuff’ collected in 2013 was 2,542 g (5.60 lb).

Remarkably, that was 413 g (0.91 lb) more than 2012, when the total was 2,129 g (5.58 lb), and that was collected after arguably more fastidious and frequent cleaning!

The six month figure for 2013 was 1,310 g, which was 51.5% of the total, so no great surprise there.

Roll on the end of 2014.

Project Yuk 2013

Almost filled the bucket this time – maybe next year

Careful tip and turn:

Project Yuk 2013

Didn’t spill (much)

Not all that different from last year.

Project Yuk 2013

Shame – didn’t find any lost gems, not even with magnet

Where does it come from? Dust elves, dust gnomes, or dust bunnies?

Haven’t had a pet for years now, generally don’t wear outdoor shoes in the house nowadays, and I don’t have any through traffic.


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