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Frustrating Tunnock’s factory and the problem of the lost apostrophe

One day, I’ll waddle down Uddingston’s Main Street and get the ‘perfect’ pic of Tunnock’s factory.

I liked last year’s attempt in winter because it caught most of the building, even though it was shot through the bare trees of the day. But it was still not right because of those branches.

While in the village recently, I wandered along for another try with a wider lens than before.

But, just as I arrived, the heavens decided to open up. Instead of having a moment to compose the shot, as the eventual torrent began to grow I ended up having to make a ‘best effort’ and avoid the kit getting an unwanted bath.

So, it’s better from the point of view of missing the branches over the façade, but still wrong as I was not able to take the time and find a spot that cleared another set of trees and branches in the street to the left, nor was I properly aligned square on to the front of the building, so the view is slightly distorted.

Well… maybe next time. Plus, the light was rotten thanks to the arrival of the cloud and rain on an already murky afternoon.

The apostrophe problem

While processing this pic and examining the detail in the original shot, I noticed an anomaly.

I’d never bothered looking before, but they’ve spelt their name out in two different forms on that frontage.

In the flag at the top, Mr Tunnock proudly takes possession of his empire and declares Tunnock’s with an apostrophe.

Although you can’t see it in the compressed image, the original pic shows the same apostrophe present as he takes possession of both the famous Tunnock’s tea cake in the clock, and the large Tunnock’s caramel wafer on the façade.

But the sign-maker doesn’t seem to have included the apostrophe anywhere, and we find that it’s a lost and unpossessed apostrophe-free TUNNOCKS BAKERY that occupies the site.

Tunnocks 2014-1





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