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The good ad is almost dead

I’m not sure why there are no really good ads nowadays, but instead of trying harder to engage their audience, advertisement makers now just seem to be producing insulting drivel aimed at brain-dead zombies.

One reason I can identify is the end of tobacco advertising. As the rules controlling this tightened, the ad makers had to get smarter in order to produce material that was acceptable. While the cancer-stick maker that used a gold box for their product produced imaginative ads, their competition tried to follow, but was largely unsuccessful, and just made silly copies.

Car adverts followed, then the deranged ranks of those such as Friend of the Earth had adverts that made cars attractive outlawed, as no emphasis on performance was allowed.

So, it was nice to see an ad go up recently that didn’t make me want to puke – although it also didn’t stay in place for very long.

I think it has a mistake though.

If the cat really was being a dog (it was probably edited or ‘shopped’ into this view), I think the airflow would have had its tongue flying on the other side of its face, where the airflow was faster, rather on the side towards the car, where the flow is slower.

On the other hand, the cat would still be smart enough to keep its head inside, and not have it knocked off by an inconsiderately placed gate post or similar.

Advice is not to let them do this, as their eyes and ears can be injured by road debris, they can be hit by object protruding from oncoming vehicles (and that can mean getting hit at twice the prevailing speed limit), and a search on the Internet will show that they can fall out, even from a window which is only partially open.

Be more dog cat

Be more dog cat

I can barely remember the last billboard ad I could be bothered to photograph – so long ago it is on film, not digital.

It was for Mercedes iconic coupé, and had three of the cars pictured, having been produced after three wishes were made using Aladdin’s lamp.


It’s May 2014, I’m seeing the next stage of this campaign on TV… and I’m not impressed.

I hinted at the combining of cat and dog images above, and the latest concept has a creature on stage, playing the part of one those despicable gurus that supposedly is going to tell you how to improve your life, make your first million, or some other fantasy.

The only certainty with these things is that the guru will become a millionaire, after collecting the fees from all the sad attendees.

But the real  problem with this add the cat head stuck on the dog’s body in this ad.


Dogs don’t move like cats, and it really just doesn’t work.

They could have done this so much better if they had just caught footage of a cat behaving like a dog, and cut that together to make the final offering.

It wouldn’t be that hard, and anyone who watches all the funny cat videos that get uploaded would be able to find all they needed after a few days’ effort.






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