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The flooded Clyde at Cambuslang

I’ve noticed the shallow bank of the River Clyde at Cambuslang before, but this is probably the first time I’ve been there at a time which shows the after effect of the swollen river, no doubt resulting from the recent amounts of rain we have received recently.

This particular view is seen over the edge of the road bridge next the the industrial estate, where one of the banks is very shallow, and would be interesting to see when the river is running in spate. All but the strongest trees and bushes have been washed over, and the ground is coated with silt.

It would be interesting to witness this as it happens, but the chances of this are low, as I’m just too far to walk there comfortably in the sort weather likely to produce this result, which is a pity. When it does happen, it almost double the apparent width of the river here, which would be a nice pic to catch. Maybe one day.

I saw the same evidence of the river breaking its banks behind Daldowie Crematorium, where the river is only a matter of minutes away from the gardens. I was surprised at how dry and firm the ground was, as it had clearly been overcome by the water, the soft undergrowth had been forced flat by the current, and silt still covered large areas – and was best avoided, as it was very soft.

River Clyde flood bank

River Clyde flood bank

While I was there, I noticed a sign for the Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Project.

Not particularly interesting in its own right, its presence is at least worthy of comment, since I came across the Fire and Rescue Project a while ago.

Back then, given the way the entrance to the place seemed to buried at the back of the industrial area, I was thinking any service personnel sent there would be likely to get lost before the fund the way in.

Fire and Rescue sign

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Project sign



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