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Thanks for the curry, but…

Having a bit of garden that faces on to the pavement brings the occasional obvious problem from the occasional passing moron.

While those who see it as a handy place to deposit their used beer bottles and cans are a nuisance, they’re nowhere near as despicable as the dog-owners who make a great play of making sure they are seen collecting and bagging the steaming pile of crap that comes out the back of their mobile muck factories, then discreetly drop that back over the wall when they’re sure no-one is looking.

Then there was the day I watched a young mother feed her pram-bound spawn some nicely peeled fruit, and decided that dropping the peel on the road was a bad thing to do, but it was perfectly alright to throw all the skins and cores into my garden before carrying on her happy way.

Then there’s the corporate sin known as MacDonald’s, which claims to tidy its disposable food packaging, but has yet to send anyone to collect its endless stream of paper/cardboard  food containers, cups, boxes, and bags I seem to be collecting.

But the strangest find was a complete ready meal, lying neatly in the border at the edge of the lawn.

The only problem with the generosity of this unexpected gift from an unknown benefactor – I can’t stand curry!

Now, if it just been a sealed pack of chips without the curry sauce, I might have gone for it.

After all, the Best before date is shown as 12.06.2014. (But on second thought, it went in the bin.)

Still, have to worry just how it landed there.

Garden Curry

Garden Curry


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