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Mystery poles identified on Dalmarnock Bridge

I was walking across Dalmarnock Bridge recently, and had time to look at the road since the Commonwealth Shames has razed most of the surrounding area and left little of historic interest to look at.

For the first time – although I must have passed them many times before but never noticed them – I noticed two identical poles mounted on each side of the road across the bridge, in line with the bollards bolted to the footpath to stop any vehicles from attempting to stop and park.

At first I thought they might have been ‘old’, but then recalled that the entire bridge deck and façade had been completely replaced by the council in 1996. Given the poles were bolted to the pavement in the same way as the bollard, they were clearly not ‘historic’, and part of the same job

Dalmarnock Bridge poles

Dalmarnock Bridge poles

Some discussion followed in the Forum, until the penny dropped and the obvious answer was arrived at.

The real problem was the lack of signage (probably lost years ago), and the fact the poles reason for being no longer present.

Their original function was to hold lifebelts, hopefully to be thrown into the river by some good Samaritan in the event someone fell off the bridge.

Nowadays, the lifebelts are to be found along the river banks – and given the impending Commonwealth shenanigans of 2012, these have all be renewed and placed in prominent sight, along the nice metal fence installed to keep the local scruff out of the adjacent athlete’s village which had popped up nearby. I only noticed the path along the river had been reopened, as it has been closed to local for the past year or two. I was so surprised – I forgot to take a pic of the shiny new lifebelt stations. Maybe later.

Dalmarnock Bridge plaque

Dalmarnock Bridge plaque

I did get another couple of pics that showed some of the recent changes, and I’ll try and get these posted soon.


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