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Edinburgh sword maker seeks apprentice

Mounted sword

Mounted sword

Another slightly odd or obscure job has surfaced in Scotland, namely that of apprentice to a sword maker.

But if you’re interested in taking up his offer, you might find yourself at the back of a long queue of hopefuls – far from failing to attract any interest, the opportunity has attracted numerous applicants from all around the World:

Edinburgh sword maker Paul MacDonald advertised the position a week ago, but 600 people from 24 different countries have applied.

He is one of just a handful of people left working in Scotland and wants to hand his knowledge on to the next generation.

His main business comes from people still using the swords for martial arts, such as fencing.

But he also sells to collectors and and (sic) film producers.

Via Paul MacDonald seeks apprentice swordsmith in Edinburgh | Edinburgh & East | News | STV

While a small example may take only a few weeks to complete, it seems that the more ornate and larger examples can take anything up to 6 months before they are ready to be handed over to their new owners.


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