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An EV charging point in Scotland – no more!

It was about a year ago when some news articles about electric vehicle (EV) charging options in Scotland led me on a trail to find that there was one nearby, in Cambuslang.

It’s sad how retarded the UK is regarding EVs, given the small size of the British mainland, and this may be down to the influence of Top Gear’s negative portrayal and misinformation regarding the technology. I’m pretty sure many viewers believe the stories featured by the team, and have not realised that Top Gear is no longer a serious motoring programme, but a money-spinning  entertainment brand. As a result, I estimate that the average UK resident is about 5 years behind the reality of EV technology and capability, and is put to shame by the average American, generally regarded as an energy waster.

I’ve been back to Cambuslang a few times since them, but only recently decided to dive down the back street again, and have a look at the EV charging point – to see if it was still there.

I was not disappointed.

Despite the addition of a few signs to advertise its existence and categorise the parking bays around it…

The charging point had been stripped of all its charging hardware, leaving only the box that once held it.

There’s a map showing it to be ‘In Service’ here:

Charge Your Car – The UKs open recharging network

Perhaps needs a little ‘live’ updating.

Allison Drive electric vehicle charging station

Allison Drive electric vehicle charging station

Closer look at the box:

Alison Drive EV charger remains

Allison Drive EV charger remains

How the top used to look:

Eelektrobay panel

Elektrobay panel

This is both sad and unfortunate, and is only one isolated example, nevertheles it does nothing to foster the reality of EV operation around the rest of World, and reflects badly on the UK, supposedly technically aware and advanced, and often claiming to “lead the World” in innovation.

With UK fuel duty hammering drivers, one would think it would be easier for EV innovation to be more eagerly adopted compared to the US, which still has less punitive pricing.




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