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I want the W1 TCH

It’s been a while since I saw a cherished registration I actually wanted, but when I came across the W1 TCH recently, I was immediately attracted to it.

I’m a bit of snob, or maybe just old-fashioned, when it comes to cherished registrations.

I have little time for those formed by the current numbering system, as introduced in 2001, as many of the supposedly interesting words and names formed by them seem to need the help of a code-book to decipher what the seller has in mind, with convoluted conversions of numbers into letters often needed to reach their interpretation.

But most of those created from the earlier systems seem to rely on much less of this nonsense – and can be read without resorting to a code-book in order to work out what they represent.

Such is the W1 TCH.

At least I know I can’t afford it. Even if it was on offer, I’d have to sell something from my own little collection.

Those tyres looked a little fat, and a check showed this to be a blue 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Sport CDI of 2,143 cc.

The diesel engine torque means this gets to 62 mph in around 7 seconds, and this model’s (rear) tyres are suitably wider than standard, at 255 mm, so my eye is still working ok.

It’s some years since I climbed into a C-Class Mercedes, and looking at the specs for this one… all I can say is that the standard offering has come a long a way in that time, given what’s included.

Still more interested in the registration though.

Mercedes W1TCH

Mercedes W1TCH


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