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Carntyne’s odd pyramid in Hogarth Park

I’ve looked across the road towards this odd pyramid in Carntyne for years, but never gone over for a closer look.

This didn’t help much, other than to add to my collection of pics, since there’s no information nearby, or clue as to its origin or reason for being there.

It’s not particularly old, and I’m guessing it (and Hogarth Park in which it lies) would only have appeared in the 1980s, as the land was previously occupied by housing which I have seen was only being built in 1932 (visible in aerial pics of Carntyne Stadium).

I’m guessing it was just added as an ornamental feature, or maybe something for the kids to climb over – a relic from the days before anything higher than 6-inches (sorry, 150 mm) became considered likely to result in a fatal fall if not surrounded by a safety barrier, and built on ‘soft’ ground, patrolled by wardens, and only approached by children who had signed a disclaimer, and were wearing safety gear.

But seriously, it would be nice to dig up something that confirmed its reason for being, even if it’s only an ornament.

Hogarth Park pyramid

Hogarth Park pyramid

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  1. I know what this is . I worked with a teacher in the east end of glasgow who once lived in the house that the pyrimid is built with. There was an old house that stood where the now medical centre is built on top of and which is the foundation of the old house. There was a pub also there which i dont know the name of which she also owened.
    I live in carntyne and offen look at the pyrimid and think what the house would look like i think there is a picture of it on old images of carntyne but not sure. I do love a wee bit of old history.


    Comment by margaret | 08/02/2017

  2. Hi Margaret.

    Many thanks for the info. It makes more sense of the anonymous nature of the pyramid if it is just a ‘thing’ made up of stones from a nearby demolished house, rather than a memorial or similar that belongs to something significant.

    Would you happen to know what was built a little further to the west of the pyramid, on the corner of the park at the corner in Ledaig St?

    I know there was a building there, demolished not tool long ago, leaving a set of large stone steps that were the foundations, now facing a tarmac play area to their south. This is now a flat area, fenced off, and appears to have once been used as a small garden or nursery area, but this seems to have been abandoned, and I have never seen anyone using it, and the gates are always padlocked.

    I should post pics, so will try to find them now, and add a post to the blog this morning.


    What stood on this stepped foundation in Carntyne’s Hogarth Park?


    Comment by Apollo | 09/02/2017

  3. Sports center for local use at location you speak of ,I demolished it around 2003,prior to that that area and part of ground headfingto railway line is where prefabs where,the stones did not come from house which became an office for gut band bone works smell was terrible during summer,I believe the stones were salvaged from support walls of nthe higher railway line that ran from north to south carrying frieghtonly the same as the lower railway line that no longer exists,the house in question if memory serves me correctly was of brick and rough cast,can never remember a pub there at any time born and bred myreside place 1945,and this was our adventure area at weekends and school holidays,there was a burn ran behind medical center about the center of housing area there at present we used to catch baggies ,tadpoles and frogs,the burn ran from behind care home on Edinburgh rd down the back not gut work,and parazone bleach work,straight across from myreside street and ran under Beardmore’s where the forge shopping center is,led to believe it eventually linked in with the camlachie burn,I also demolished tenements in myresisde st,seagrove st and clerwood st around 1995/6


    Comment by alex | 26/02/2017

  4. Hi Alex,

    With due respect to previous account, your description of the area and its buildings are more in accord in what I have found in historic records.

    That said, I’m slightly surprised to hear about the presence of prefabs, as I’ve not come across that (yet). And to be fair, I had a complete prefab estate at the end of my own street, yet after it was razed and replaced by a park, I have never seen any mention of it – unless I make a specific search for it. So not coming across those near Carntyne comes as little surprise.

    I have to say the mention of the stone in the pyramid coming from support walls from the nearby rail bridges is much more credible. They do not look like blocks cut for building, and do match those just seen being discarded in the recent works I just mentioned in this blog, at the junction of Carntyne Road and Todd Street. Given the appearance of those very long blocks I was not comfortable with the house story, but had nothing else.

    Looks some more revision is needed to this one.

    I might try to track down the the prefab story too, as it would explain the layout of some nearby streets. I might even have seen them, there is the stirring of a memory of passing them on the east side of Todd Street, which now has ‘new’ houses

    The various burns etc can be found on OS maps.

    Thanks again to contributors.

    Oh… did you see my query about the base.foundations on the corner of Ledaig Street?


    Comment by Apollo | 26/02/2017

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