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Trump grumps as judge dismisses his windfarm case

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Still unable to accept that his case is crazy, and that he hasn’t been able to use his money to bully the result he wants, Donald Trump has indicated he will continue to fight and appeal a judge’s decision to dismiss his case against wind turbines being installed in the sea, because he think they will upset golfers on his golf course.

Donald Trump has lost a legal action against a major experimental windfarm being built close to his golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

The billionaire property developer had alleged that Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, had secretly interfered in the decision to approve the 11-turbine European offshore wind deployment centre site (EOWDC) in Aberdeen Bay – a claim rejected on Tuesday by a Scottish civil court judge, Lord Doherty.

Making clear he was expecting to appeal, Trump alleged there had been clear and illegal bias by the Scottish government – and that his rights under the European convention of human rights had been breached.

Doherty dismissed the claims that Salmond had interfered, stating he “was not persuaded that the fair-minded and informed observer would conclude that there was a real possibility of bias on the part of the decision-maker; or that the decision not to have a public inquiry had been unreasonable or unlawful”.

In a ruling with far wider significance for the future of Scottish wind power, the judge also disputed a previous court ruling that no wind farm could be approved until or unless it has an electricity generation licence.

Via Donald Trump loses legal challenge to windfarm near his Scottish golf resort | World news |

From New York. Trump’s mouthpiece issued a statement:

“Today’s decision has not altered our unwavering commitment to protect our investment in Scotland.

“We are reviewing Lord Doherty’s decision and will pursue the legal options available to us as recommended by our counsel. Communities worldwide continue to challenge the destructive proliferation of wind turbines and we will remain a fierce opponent at the forefront of this battle.

“Despite today’s decision, the EOWDC proposal has numerous economic and legal obstacles that will ultimately prevent its construction.”

Liking the ballooney hair, attached to the best head ever – note also the bodyguard’s hand, about to deal with the offending arm with the balloon.

The Scotsman later summed things up with a more detailed account of the case:

Defeated Donald Trump turns his back on Scotland – The Scotsman

The headline sums up the bullying Trump, unable to buy or force the result he wants, he throws a strop and storms off somewhere else to try the same, shouting that he’s taking his toys with him.

I find it hard to believe people support this nasty individual, and wonder if there’s a room of people in Trump Tower, just paid to find articles online about their master, and post pro-Trump comments supposedly written by locals who love him.

And the locals love him – like they love Ebola…

You’ve Been Trumped


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  1. It was announced yesterday in the Irish press that Donald Trump has just bought the Doonbeg Golf course and resort in County Clare for the sum of €15 million.
    God knows what he will try to do there. Lets hope we can be as strong as the good people of Aberdeenshire


    Comment by dara mcgrath | February 12, 2014

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