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Glasgow claims Scottish first with free city WiFi

WiFiAlthough it doesn’t really matter to me, I will be interested to see how Glasgow City Council’s plan to provide free WiFi to the city centre and east end is delivered.

The plan is to be rolled out in two phases, with 50 – 80 wireless access points to be installed in the city centre and east end by July 2014,  It will deliver free 24-hour access for the first six months, after which free access will be available for 30 minutes each day per user. Access to some sites, including Glasgow City Council’s website, will remain free permanently. A second phase will extend coverage  around the city during 2015.

Digital Glasgow Roadmap 2014

My part of the east end seems to lie within an area the council refers to as the Clyde Gateway, and its documentation refers to the provision of free access on public transport, including more than 300 buses. This is the interesting one, as a bus runs past my front door, and there are two bus stops within an actual stone’s throw.

The Urban Wireless programme is part of the city council’s Digital Glasgow roadmap published in January 2014, which aims to place Glasgow as a world-leading digital city by 2017, supporting economic and social regeneration.

Glasgow’s city wireless delivery is based on a concession model, meaning that access to the wireless network in the city comes through the lease of council-owned street furniture and property, with the council providing a licence to allow a network operator to build a wireless network.

This model means that the council does not have to make any investment, with the network being designed, built and operated by the private sector.

It said that any subsequent support, maintenance, upgrading and monitoring will come at no cost to the council.

Via Free Wifi access spots get go-ahead in Glasgow

It would be ironic to find this arriving soon, since I switched off all my wireless hardware some time ago, preferring to stick with a wired connection for most of my access, and a power line system (Internet over mains wiring) when I need to move around.


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