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Missed me! (Again)

If I was really as paranoid as I think I am, then I think I would be starting to worry now.

Starting over a year ago, but having become rather more frequent in recent weeks, I’ve notice an alarming number of road barriers trashed along my common walking routes.

The first time this sort of thing lodged itself in my head was when I was walking to the shops one evening. While everything was fine on my way to the shops… when I returned to one particular spot about 30 minutes later, it was apparent I had been lucky not to have been there during that time. A wrecked Fiat was sitting against the fence which separated a school from the pavement, with a sizeable section of said fence uprooted where the car had hit it before coming to a stop (against  tree) a few metres from that first point of impact.

Notably, the road is reduced to a single lane there, enforced by a traffic island and road barriers, with an opening for pedestrians to use a light-controlled crossing.

Somehow, this Fiat had manage to pass through this opening, barely touching the barrier, and turned 180° to face back the way it had been travelling – anybody unfortunate enough to have been waiting at the crossing, or walking on the pavement would have been wiped out by this car as it flew over the pavement, bounced off the fence, and impacted the tree.

Since then, I’ve tended to notice the odd bent road barrier, but more recently, have noticed that these scenes are becoming more frequent.

Sometimes the reasons are obvious, either down to idiots speeding on a wet bend (or drunk/drugged) and losing control, but sometime, as in the case of the aforementioned Fiat that almost passed cleanly through the pedestrian opening in the road barrier, it takes a long time looking at the marks on the road and kerb before a possible path can be guessed at.

I might start collecting them, as per this recent example which missed me, as I was not walking this route for a few weeks, so don’t know when it happened.

Baillieston Rd barrier crash 2

Baillieston Rd barrier crash

This one’s fairly obvious, and has been caused by a car crossing over from the other side of the road, probably having come speeding round the shallow bend, driven by a fool that could not control it, or had fallen asleep at the wheel (drunk/drugged). Fortunately, they seem to have scrubbed off most of their speed before arriving at the barrier, so in this case would not have reached me… on the pavement!

Sadly, the ground had been swept clean of spare parts, as I like to play “Guess the car” using the wreckage left behind at the scene, but in this case there was nothing to be found.

Thanks to wide adoption of ABS and stability controls on even the humblest of cars, there’s seldom any skid marks to help with analysis, although tyres hitting kerbs, or being dragged sideways over the road by a spinning cars still leave evidential marks, but in this case, places such as the kerb were clean, suggesting this happened a while ago, and any marks had been washed away while I was elsewhere.

Baillieston Rd barrier crash 1

Baillieston Rd barrier crash

The damage has been repaired since these pics were taken.

The worst aspect of this sort of stupidity is that it is often not the driver that pays the price, but some hapless pedestrian that gets wiped out by them, or a passenger in their car.

There was such a case near here a few years ago, where a driver ‘under the influence’ drove straight of the road at a small bend, and ploughed into a lamppost on the pavement.

The driver walked away… the passenger was killed.

Even though the passenger was complicit, and could have told his ‘mate’ he was not getting into the car given his condition, that ultimate sanction is just a bit much – and left a distraught family in its wake.

They are the real victims.


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