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Beneath a cellphone base unit

While they were installing some new roadside cellphone base units nearby, there was an opportunity for the uninitiated to see what sort of trunking/cabling runs below such a thing.

I never actually saw anyone working on on any of them, just the arrival of the holes in the ground, the casting of the base, and the appearance of the ducting – and earth strap – from below.

It lay open for a while, as in the pic, and I surprised nobody tried to rip the wiring or earth strap out of it, in case a whole load came out, given the level of cable/metal theft prevalent these days – but nothing was touched, and they eventually finished boxing things up.

Would have been nice to catch them actually at work one day, but as noted, I never saw anyone working at all, and then one day the job was done and dusted.

The only problem now… I keep wondering what all those cable ducts are for, and what (apart from power) they connect to, since I thought most, if not all, the signal used travelled via microwave and similar links.

I’ll have to find some newer info and brush up my ‘general’ knowledge.

Cellphone street base

Cellphone street base


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