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Has Trump swapped Scottish offshore wind farm for Irish offshore wind farm?

As we already know, bullying Donald Trump has thrown his toys out of the pram and stormed out of Scotland after he could not use his billions or bully boy tactics to force the Scottish Government to refuse permission for an offshore wind farm that he considered would blight the view of golfers visiting his course on the Aberdeenshire coast.

If the latest news report is correct, then he’s been so busy throwing a strop that he (and his possibly soon to be unemployed researchers) that they seem to have missed a planning application which has bee lodged for a wind farm near his new Irish resort.

He’s going to look really silly if he has missed this, and can’t arrange for it to be refused planning permission.

The application, by Clare Coastal Wind Power Ltd, states: “For grant of a ten year planning permission for development at a site in the townlands of Carrowmore South, Einagh and Shragh, approximately 2 km south of the village of Doonbeg.

“The development will comprise nine electricity generating wind turbines with a hub height of up to 85 metres and a rotor diameter of up to 82 metres giving an overall height of up to 126m, hardstandings, a control building, an electrical compound, a permanent meteorological mast, associated site roads, drainage and site works.

“The planning application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement ( EIS ) and a Natura Impact Statement ( NIS ).”

A decision is due on the proposal on March 30.

The Doonbeg Golf Club in County Clare will be renamed Trump International Golf Links, Ireland and will offer golfers a 400-acre site on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Via Donald Trump faces fresh wind farm battle near new Irish golf club | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Maybe they will be renaming it Trump’s Folly instead, if this proves to be true.

His team will have made him look as stupid as his hair.

Trump balloon hair

That hair

You’re not building houses in Aberdeen, Trump

At the same time…

The council at the centre of a row with Donald Trump has warned the tycoon he will not be able to build houses on the land previously set aside for a golf resort.

Aberdeenshire Council leader Jim Gifford insisted the businessman could only develop property on the land if he also builds a golf course.

The comments come after Mr Trump withdrew his planning application to build another resort on his Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

Council leader Jim Gifford told the Press and Journal: “He can do what he wants with the land he owns, but he won’t be selling it to build houses on because the houses are absolutely tied into building the golf course, the clubhouse and the hotel.

“Donald Trump was never going to build those houses, someone else was going to go in there and do that. But there is no way they can build houses on the land as it’s tied in to a progressive sequence of building.”

Via Council warns Donald Trump over property development on Menie Estate | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Trump’s staff are just as delusional as the man himself, or more likely are in constant fear of being fired if they don’t do all they can to follow his line.

Even though he has now pulled out of Scotland, and ridden off into the sunset, his mouthpieces were still trying to blackmail or shame Scotland, by trying to suggest the Scottish Government is responsible for replacing a mythical 4,000 Trump jobs with a mere 30 arising from the offshore wind turbine project.

Speaking on Friday, Sarah Malone, executive vice president, Trump International Golf Links, Scotland said: “Councillor Gifford, and everyone else taking decisions in government, are failing to understand that they will not get both projects.

“It is either one or the other – we won’t ‘muddle through’ as Gifford put it. They are mutually exclusive.

“It is either 30 jobs generated by the EOWDC or 4000 jobs created by the Trump development.

“The only way that both projects can coexist is for the wind-farm to be moved up the coast or out to sea away from our development.

“Our government leaders should be ashamed of gambling 4000 jobs. Mr Trump stated his position from the outset and we don’t know what more we can say to make it any clearer.”


The only shame is that Scotland ever let this megalomaniac get as far he did, and destroy the dunes and SSSI (site of special scientific interest) in Dundee, and bully the locals.

You’ve Been Trumped


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