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Hamish McHamish of St Andrews gets a rescue and a statue

I’ve been a bit busy, and missed the opportunity to mention Hamish McHamish of St Andrews on two recent occasions.

The headline grabber was a report if his being rescued from a tree after being chased by a couple of dogs, after he took refuge in a tree, and refused to be enticed down for about 20 minutes:

But his fame did not save him from being chased by two dogs and forced to take refuge 20ft above the street.

When Hamish refused to come down, residents organised a rescue mission.

Staff from a nearby hairdressers held a ladder while a student climbed into the branches to bring Hamish back to earth.

One salon worker, who did not wish to be named, said: “One of the girls saw Hamish getting chased by two small dogs. Hamish then darted up the tree. We went outside with his cat treats and tried to entice him down.

“He was trying to balance on really small branches. Luckily two students offered to help and got the ladder from the back of the shop so he could climb up and get Hamish.”

She added: “He wasn’t hurt by his ordeal. People cheered when he was finally down. He was up there for around 20 minutes.”

Via ‘Scotland’s most famous cat’ rescued from tree – The Scotsman

Have to be honest here and say that he was probably not coming down because of the folk fussing around the bottom of the tree, and he would have made his own way down if they had just all gone away, that’s the way we used to it. BUT, he is a star, so playing safe (so long as he didn’t try to get away from his ‘rescuer’ and jump, it’s nice that he got a helping hand – which also meant the dogs would have been kept away as well.

Hamish McHamish

Hamish McHamish © .Ines CC via flickr

Hamish McHamish statue

The local hero will soon have his own statue unveiled in the town, some time in February  if the various small updates I have recently seen in the news are correct.

Initial stories suggested Christmas 2013, but these seem to have been a little ambitious, but the life-size bronze will hopefully soon be sitting on its stone plinth in the town – I’ll be keeping an eye on the news.

In honour of the cat, townsfolk clubbed together to raise £5,000 for the statue, and the project has now been given the go ahead by councillors in Fife. The bronze will be created by Kilmany-based artist David Annand and given pride of place upon a plinth in the town centre.

Flora Selwyn, editor of the St Andrews in Focus magazine, came up with the idea of immortalising the popular cat, launching the successful fundraising drive earlier this year.

After learning that the plans had been backed by Fife Council, she said: “It is lovely that we will have a rival to Greyfriars Bobby, it will be one-up for St Andrews. It has been a very popular idea. Hamish is a wonderful animal.

“He is so clued up. When you watch him cross the road he waits for the lights to change. The legend is if you don’t let him into your home and feed him you will have bad luck.”

Via Statue to be made of St Andrews cat Hamish – The Scotsman


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