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The best bikes on the Clyde Walkway

A recent wander down to the Clyde at Carmyle brought a little surprise, as it has been a while since I’ve been able to get down there.

A couple of bicycle sculptures based on old historic designs.

Carmyle cycle sculptures 1

Carmyle cycle sculptures

These are matched by an identical pair at the other end of the village, marking the approximate entry and exit of the path from the area. Unfortunately, at this time of year the background to the other pair is formed by black rotting leaves lying on black muddy ground, so there’s not much to be seen in a pic of the black painted sculptures against that setting.

I’ve no idea if these are confined to the village, or if they’re part of a larger plan to have the cycle route take over the walkway as part of some larger pro-cycling brainwashing plan.

While 98% of the cyclists I meet on the walkway are happy, decent, normal people (and many are using the route to cycle to and from work – still in their overalls), there’s still the dedicated 2% that thinks it owns the path, and proceeds along it as fast as its lycra-clad body will allow, with no care for pedestrian on the path, forced to get out of their way if lucky enough to see them coming, or have the life scared out of them if this particular type of headcase (and bad ambassador for all cyclists) happens to zoom up behind, and past them.

On the road, these will no doubt be the same wasters that insist on banging on any car that dares get near them, shoots through red lights, and ignores pedestrians there as well, as they treat the footpath as nothing more that a car-free part of the road.

These stylised representations of the Penny Farthing (should really be referred to as an Ordinary of course) and what I think represents a Boneshaker (although it should have pedals on the front wheel, otherwise it is a ‘walking machine’, but the profile is really more Boneshaker) are friendly, in that they don’t move. Hence, The best bikes on the Clyde Walkway.

Carmyle cycle sculptures 3

Carmyle cycle sculptures

As an aside, the path they are sitting on is new as well.

Previously, this was just a route worn through the grass by those who used the route.

Carmyle cycle sculptures 2

Carmyle cycle sculptures


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