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Are Scottish politician secret Nazis?

Kitler meets Stalin

There’s a disturbing trend in Scotland, with some politicians – and others – resorting to Nazi claims and tactics.

Is this simply the passage of time diluting the implications of such behaviour?

Or is it something more sinister, and a warning that Scotland could be home to an underlying neo-Nazi movement?

While I don’t want to dwell on, or for the time being, publicise any specific events, I do watch Continental Europe, and a number of former Russian states, where the aftermath of World War II left a number of Nazi organisations with popular support, mainly because their arrival had freed the areas concerned from Stalin’s oppressive grip. The resultant popularity stemming from the old adage of “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The excuse there was that locals were seconded to Nazi forces.

I’ve spotted and mentioned two incidents in the media recently:

Over-active imaginations see Nazi links in new Northlink Viking logo 

How do fools like Jackson Carlaw become MSPs?

Now we have a third:

A councillor and army ­veteran has been disciplined for shouting “sieg heil” during a council meeting.

Falkirk councillor Robert Spears was reprimanded by the local authority’s standards commission after shouting the Nazi greeting at ­provost Pat Reid ­during a debate.

Independent councillor Mr Spears, a Territorial Army captain with the Royal Engineers who did two tours of duty in Iraq, was also accused of ­performing a Nazi-style salute during a “heated” council debate.

On Tuesday, the standards commission ruled he breached paragraph 3.2 of the councillors’ code of conduct.

This paragraph states councillors must “respect the chair, your colleagues, council employees and any members of the public present during meetings of the council”, and, “comply with rulings from the chair in the conduct of the business of these meetings”.

The decision was made at the end of a two-day hearing in Falkirk’s Park Hotel. Mr Spears was formally censured by the standards commission.

He had been accused of being disruptive during a council meeting last May, directing a straight-arm salute at Mr Reid and saying sieg heil, reportedly a protest at a decision that had been made.

Mr Spears insisted that he did not make the Hitler’ salute but did admit saying sieg heil, German for “hail victory”.

Falkirk Council leader Craig Martin said of the case: “Councillor Spears has accused myself and colleagues of spreading ­malicious and politically motivated allegations about him but, after the decision, this is now the time for him to apologise to us and his constituents.

“If he had said sorry for his behaviour at the time instead of denying it, we wouldn’t have needed a hearing but it has now cost taxpayers thousands of pounds.”

Mr Spears said: “I am disappointed at the outcome.”

Via Falkirk councillor shouted ‘sieg heil’ at provost – The Scotsman

He should be pleased with the outcome – which smacks of ‘getting off’ with something that deserved much more than a finger-wagging, not “disappointed.”

He is fortunate to hold a position where he should set an example, and a standard of behaviour that shows he thinks before he speaks.

His outburst shows he did not – or if he did, then he’s in a position he should be reviewed.


I hope my noticing these three events is not a sign of things to come.


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