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Glasgow Sheriff Court gains listed status

One of the things I find a little depressing is the attitude toward modern, or relatively modern buildings, particularly those which may be referred to as brutalist in style.

I often walk along the streets of our towns, and enjoy the many Victorian buildings which still serve useful purposes today, some still serving in their original duty, others as conversions – but I also find it just a little sad that they also show we live to some extent in the past. Not that I am complaining, as many of these buildings deserve to live on long past their original life.

That’s why I can’t get to grips with the hate that seem to come as a “Knee-jerk Reaction” to recognition of relatively modern buildings, which seem to attract negative comment merely by being praised – or being awarded some status as architectural achievements.

While this is understandable in cases such as the £400+ million skip that was dumped in Holyrood, and recent reports suggest will be cheaper to demolish after it has been standing for only 30 years (due to spiralling maintenance costs), I can only think that the negative comments which followed news that Glasgow’s Sheriff Court had become the first post-war court facility in the country to be named as a listed building in Scotland, come from people who were not appearing there ‘voluntarily’, but were obliged to.

I’ve been in the place a few times, and to me, it’s gorgeous both inside and out.

Unlike the Edinburgh skip, the Sheriff Court has made it to 30, is still going strong, and looks set to do so for many years to come.

One odd thing (to my eyes at least) is the retro look of the actual court rooms themselves, looking almost as if they were plucked out of the past, and slotted into their more modern setting.

The only down-side to being there is some of the people you have to mix with, doing things I don’t want to repeat, in any corner where they could hide from security staff. But, I will mention one sad little group I watched (unsuccessfully) try to set fire to the ceiling in one such hidden corner. Needless to say, the architects considered such behaviour… and their efforts failed completely, not even raising smoke, let alone fire.

I wish I’d known about this a few days earlier, as I was there during one of my rare excursion into the big city these days, so you’ll have to make do with another geograph:


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